Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's a Start

Here's the first piece for the 900. New rear fender - only took a couple of hours. I'm starting to see the finished bike in my minds eye and it doesn't look too bad. We'll have to see how the execution progresses, however. Surly says I should go with the Moriwaki/Wayne Gardner look. I'm leaning more to the Racecrafters/Pierre DesRoches - Reg Pridmore look. The end product will probably be some hybrid thing, anyway. I'm not looking to build a replica. I saw the Racecrafters bike run back in the day. I made several trips to Road America for the early days of the Superbikes. Plus, being the romantic guy that I am, I took the wife to Daytona for our wedding anniversary in '81. Man, those bikes were fun to watch. Lots of innovation then, too. Udo Gietl with the BMWs, Cook Nielson with the California Hot Rod Ducati, Dr. John's Moto Guzzi and the coolest V Twin of all time, the Britten. Probably the best display of riding I ever saw was Wes Cooley on a Suzuki. He had to start at the back of the pack at Road America due to an engine change and he rode his ass off heading for the front. Unfortunately, he had a real bad crash a few years later and was never able to compete at the highest level after that. I got a chance to talk to him once after he stopped racing. Seemed like one helluva nice guy.

Next step for the 900 is to mount the seat and tank so I can fab the ducktail and the taillight mount. That shouldn't take too long but I tend to say that about everything.

Enjoy your Labor Day.

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