Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Strongfortism? Who Needs It!

I've been busy tearing the barn down and I've had aches and pains from my neck and shoulders all the way down to the soles of my feet. If a guy wanted a full body workout, forget the Strongfortism, just tear down a barn by yourself. I wouldn't have had any trouble lining up help but after the near miss when I started working on this thing, I'm a little gun shy. There's plenty of nails to step on and I've already stepped through a couple of holes while peeling off the shingles and some hide on the shins. I'd feel really bad being responsible for breaking someone's ankle.

The Presidential Challenge (mentioned in an earlier post) basically credits you a point for every calorie burned. I'm in third place in my little group having slipped from first earlier this year. Last time I checked I was about 25,000 points behind the leader. She's an active young lady who rides her bike, kayaks and does all manner of physical things. I haven't been doing much running or cycling because I've been busting my hump trying to get things done around the shack. However, in the past I've ridden a century on the bike, pulled my little trailer over mountain ranges and run a marathon. I know I'm burning as many calories per day on this barn job as I would running a marathon but as luck would have it, there just isn't any category for serious barn demolition. So I'm toning up, losing a couple of pounds and getting rid of the barn. All in all, I guess you could call that progress.

When school starts I'm going to get back on some type of workout schedule. I think I'm going to run a 5K September 27th and a 10K on Thanksgiving Day. We should have the gym opened up after Labor Day, so at least one day a week I'll be there. The rest of the time I can work on my projects. Maybe posting on their progress will insure that there actually is some.


Traveling Pirate said...

Thanks for the mention. I've been somewhat spotty with entering my workouts this summer.

I tried to comment a few blogs ago in your post that included the Advanced Placement program. As an AP teacher, I basically think the whole program is a sham to make money for College Board. Students would be much better off if they took classes in how to fix things around the house instead of AP Chemistry. We're raising a society of theorists. They know things "in theory" but cannot put any of it into practice.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to read back through your old posts to catch up on the news, Bob. Nice to see you have a running account of your life going--the entertainment possibilities there are endless.

By the by, I'm going to look again into starting a new mag about adventures any Jamoke could take. One rule I'm considering: With certain exceptions, the adventure (or at least the segment under consideration) has to come in with a price tag under $1200 all inclusive, so real people can undertake them. How about calling it "Everyman Adventures"?

Talk to you soon.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Traveling Pirate - Amen to that. I know your Dad and Uncles are certainly "fixers" as well as knowing some theory.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Machoid - We could use you back at the wood shop. It doesn't look like it's going to improve much this year.

Keep me in mind for the magazine. I'm definitely an Everyman Adventure kind of guy.