Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Turn For The Better

I got the steering wheel adaptor machined for the VW, so now there's a real steering wheel on it that looks half-way decent. Of course this brings up another problem. The adaptor is set up for a stock GM column that has a little spring loaded button that contacts the back side of the adaptor to pick up the juice for the horn.When I make the bearing support for the VW column, I'll need to fab up something similar if I want to use the horn button on the new steering wheel. Looks like that'll be the next thing I tackle on the bug. I found a place that has a metric bushing that'll fit the steering shaft. I'll get that ordered in and in the mean time I'll hit a few more licks on the front step project. Going to be tough to finish that project if it doesn't stop raining, however.

I am a little closer to finalizing the direction I want to go on the 900 build. After thinking about it for a couple of days, I'm fairly certain of where I want to go on this project. Now I need to order some parts and get to gettin'. I won't make any definitive statements yet, just in case I change my mind again but I'm at the point I need to do something, even if it is wrong. Besides it's going to get cold pretty soon. I wasn't all that crazy about working in the cold before the heart attack but the main thing is, working on a project like this is supposed to be fun. Working in the cold isn't fun. Like a buddy of mine says: "I don't want to work in any temperature lower than my age". As of a couple of days ago, that made it 62. Getting to be a smaller and smaller window of opportunity if I follow that dictum. Regardless, I'll be riding a motorcycle come springtime.


leroy99 said...

Happy belated B-day I leave this am for CA talk when I get back. Dave

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Have fun. I'll be over sometime next week - I need to bend a little tubing for the 900 project.