Monday, September 24, 2012

Picket's Charge

I worked on the railing for the porch steps yesterday. The progress was a little slower than I would have liked but I'm still getting the shop set up as I go and I watched most of the Bears game. I'm still working on getting the balance right between work and rest like they discussed in rehab, also. That's harder than building a porch it seems. I need to finish installing the pickets on the side you can see in the photo and pick up some more balls/finials for the top of the posts and that side will be done. Likewise, I need to get a few more supplies to make the railing on the other side but all the figuring and fixturing is done. 

The router set up is fully functional now and I got some parts to up grade my table saw. I worked on the band saw a little bit when I was making the caps and it could use a little more TLC as well. A guy gave me both saws a few years back and since I'm not really a woodworker, I haven't done much with them. Besides, I had a complete woodshop at my disposal. Since that's no longer the case, I'll get everything tuned up, talk to my mobile crane connection and get them moved into the top of the barn. I like doing the woodworking. I just never liked trying to do it with the set-up I had. Generating a lot of dust down the basement by the furnace never seemed like a good idea and trying to cut things in the dim lighting down there didn't seem real prudent either. My old man sliced the ends of two fingers on a table saw while working down the basement when I was a kid. I've always been a little leery of using a table saw, especially in poorly lit conditions, ever since. I'd like to avoid any more trips to the emergency room. I've made a few of those over the years. Don't need another one.

Have a good week.

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