Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stepping Lively

I got started on the front steps the other day. If you look at the concrete stoop in the photo, you'll see that it drops off into a hole of the right side due to the steps coming out at an angle. That's a little dicey when you get a couple of people coming to the door, especially at night. Plus there's only two steps even though the top of the stoop is two feet high. A couple of big ass steps. I made a set of three out of wood that took care of these issues shortly after moving in here but they were getting to the point that not only were they shabby looking but they were getting unsafe. They sat on the original concrete steps and worked fine but this time things are a little more elaborate. I extended the platform to match up with the rest of the deck that comes across the front and side of the house and the steps will be full width across the front of the platform. Everything is going together with stainless fasteners, so that should help with the maintenance issues. 

I'm not a big fan of decks, really. There's a big concrete slab under this one. If there were some decent steps from the sliding glass doors around the corner you could just use the concrete for your patio and be done with it. No maintenance, no junk getting trapped underneath it and there you go. Anyway, I'll have the new steps taken care of this week, then it'll be back to the fun projects. Also, if you look at the post in the left corner of the photo, you wont see the two other posts that are behind it. The photo has a little bit of a "fish-eye" lens look to it, but even if it looks a little crooked, the other posts are lined up right with it. That's more than I can say for most of the things the previous owners put together.

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