Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mo' Matador

This one popped up on The Container site the other day. I didn't notice in the other photo that these Matadors had suicide doors. Now I like them even more. I'll have to do a little checking and see what I can find out about these things. They're cute little suckers. This one's about the same color as my teardrop. I'd really be something driving one of these with my trailer behind. Maybe I should paint the VW in this color combo.

Speaking of which, I've got some parts coming for the VW and the 900. They should be here by the first of next week. Meanwhile, I'm still working on the porch steps. There was a design change so construction came to a halt while the Missus is doing a little research. I've got the steps themselves all finished up. Just have to build the railing. No biggie - the hard part's done.

Still looking for the time to clean up my shop a little. It seems like every little thing I do brings something else to do along with it. I used my old tablesaw to rip cut a few boards for the front porch job. In the past I would have just loaded up the boards and taken them with me to school and cut them while on the clock. Since I no longer have that luxury, I used the old Craftsman of mine and remembered that the on/off switch is built into the base of the motor on the back side of the saw where it's nigh on impossible to locate while operating the saw. It would be easy to locate the belt while fumbling for the switch in a panic situation. That way you could run your right hand through the pulley while running your left hand through the saw blade. I'm ordering in a new switch with a paddle handle to shut if off that I can mount up on the front of the thing. If I was going to do a lot of woodworking, I'd just spring for a new saw. With the little I do, however, this one will be fine as long as I make it a little bit safer. That includes finding or making a riving knife/splitter for it also. 

So as always, steady by jerks. But the new job is going well and I'm getting things done, I've still got a tremendous backlog of things to do around the shack but basically all's right with the world. Can't really bellyache about that.

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