Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Camera

I bought myself a new digital camera the other day. The little pocket sized one that I used to carry all the time and used for most of the pictures here belonged to my former employer. After I returned it when I retired, I shot a few photos with my own digital but it's a little large and a little expensive to be using just for every day snapshot use. I was looking into buying a suitable replacement for the school's when I ran across one on sale at Menard's. It seems like a nice little camera with plenty of features and pixels - price was dirt cheap as well. Between Menard's, the Dollar Store and Harbor Freight, the Chinese keep me pretty well stocked up. Here are a few test shots I took on Friday. 

A shot of the power plant shortly after the sun came up. I like the look of the low lying fog and the clouds.

The barn that was recently moved. You'll notice they also moved the windmill and the milk house.

Taken just a few minutes after the power plant picture. Shot through the windshield while waiting for the light to change. Even though the bridge is on a state highway, it's now single lane traffic until it's replaced with a new one. Thanks Mitch. It's nice that we now have a budget surplus after taking money away from the schools and letting the infrastructure go to hell. 

Base for drill press made from 5" channel to give it some added stability since it can't be anchored to the floor. This project is what got me to thinking about a CAD program (which  my former colleague has made much easier for me by dropping off a couple of tutorials - thanks Kevin.).

Looks like the new little camera's a keeper. It didn't come with a manual. I need to hook it up to the computer and then download some monkey business to get all the dope. Can't really see that happening, however. I don't really need to set the clock. I bought a camera, not a watch, but I did see that it has a red eye feature. I'll keep that in mind next time I want to photograph my drunken friends. If it had something to take care of the hangover that always accompanies the red eyes, might be enough to entice me to down load the manual.


Traveling Pirate said...

The latest I heard on the bridge is that it's going to be 2 years before they START repairing it. On a related note, vote John Gregg! ;)

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I read somewhere that a bicycle lane is planned for that section of highway, if I remember correctly. That would be nice. Indiana has some of the narrowest state highways in the country.

As for who I'm voting for, the knuckleheads who passed right to work,RISE, etc. have made it real easy for me to decide that decision. If I was still at the high school the determining factors for my pay raise would have been based on other people's performance? Oh yeah, I'm going to vote for those guys. That reminds me, I need to sign up for ISTA Retired.