Monday, September 17, 2012

Cars & Bikes

See something you like here? The whole shootin' match is going on sale in February. You never see a microcar here in America but this guy's got them by the hunnerts! However, he's closing his museum and putting everything in the house up for auction.

The fork leg I bought on eBay is a no-go. The people who were selling it decided it wasn't serviceable and gave me my money back. While I wish it was on the way, I really appreciate the fact they didn't try to pawn off some garbage on me. So the search continues but I've got lots of other things to occupy my time. 

Here's a photo of my nephew's bicycle. He was involved in an accident with it not too long ago, so this is the newly spruced up edition. It's now the Grumpy Unk model in honor of his dad/my brother who recently passed. Well done, kid.

Another three day weekend! I'm digging the semi-retirement thing. I got a bunch of work done around the shack, did a little welding and was able to watch a little football. Since the weather isn't going to be near as nice the next few days, I'm hoping to work on cleaning up the shop a little, start machining the piece for the VW steering column and work a little on the 900. A little here, a little there. Things'll be coming together.

Have a good week, all. 

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