Monday, April 22, 2013

Just Another Day In Paradise

I was cleaning up some files on the computer and ran across this photo. Can't provide credit for it but at least for me it's easy to see why I saved it. Really nice tin work on both the dash and the tunnel. I should print out a big copy and paste it up someplace close to the VW for inspiration. 

I got some stuff done around the shack over the weekend. Put the sharpened blades back on the mower and cut the front yard. Did a few other odds and ends as well. Most importantly, however, I test rode Surly's SV650S and it's now my SV650S. I took my ramp and tie downs along with me when I test rode it but Surly was a little concerned about me unloading the bike by myself when I got home. I've got a spot where I can back the truck into so there's only a little height difference with the ground but he said he'd ride it down one of these days, so that's cool. He rode it to work a couple days last week and got rained on so he said he'd clean it up before delivery. Better still. In the meantime I can get my insurance and plate. 

Now all I need to do is get a few projects done around the shack so I can make good on my justification (rationalization) for buying the bike.

Have a good week.

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