Sunday, April 7, 2013

Still Got It

I did a 5K run yesterday morning. While I didn't exactly burn up the course, I did manage to get an age category award - third place in the male, over 60 group. Of course, there were only three of us in that group but I felt good out there. I told my running buddy prior to the start that I was thinking that this was going to be the last one I did, but after the race, I felt good enough that I might reconsider. She said she'd find us another one and let me know. I haven't been doing any running to speak of, just lots of brisk walking. I'm still searching for the middle path with my exercise. I cut way back but was still able to finish a 5K in 40 minutes with my run/walk pace. Probably pretty close now to what I should be doing to get the exercise benefit without over doing it.

This was the first race put on by the local Christian School and they did a pretty nice job - finisher's medals for everyone, chip timing and the nice pint glasses for awards. I found that interesting. Beer glass from the Christian School but they probably didn't look at it that way.  

Did a little yard work in the afternoon. I didn't want to over do it after the run and my time at the gym, but I didn't last long anyway due to all the smoke out there. Seems that someone lit a fire and it got away from them in all the wind. Most of the smoke went west of me but it was still more than I needed. The farmers burn their ditch banks in the Spring and some of these guys are like the guy who farms behind me. He just goes by the calender, not the weather. Wind blowing 20 mph straight at my house. No problem. Time to spray. It was too windy in the morning when I was out running to burn and they were forecasting wind and rain later in the day. You would have thought they knew better.

Going to put a little time in today in the shop. Warm enough finally and more nice days are on the way. Time to get after that 900 and VW. 

Have a good day and a good week.

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