Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Speaker Boxes?

Haven't gotten much done on the motorcycle front lately but I have gotten a few other little things done - like the speaker boxes for the new amplifier set-up for the MP3 player. I still have to rivet them together and drill a hole so I can hang them up, but no biggie there. I really like making stuff like this. I draw out a pattern on paper, trace it to the metal, cut it out and then bend it into shape. I think I'm drawn to this kind of stuff because you have to use your noggin when developing the part from an idea and laying it out and then use your hands to actually make the part. Probably the same appeal as Origami.

Speaking of things I like, check out these doors. I'm a huge fan of both Art Deco  and Art Nouveau. I stumbled across these here. It's a site dedicated to to both types of art forms. If you're a metal worker of any kind, you really have to appreciate the craftsmanship, especially the architectural works of the Art Nouveau period. Just fantastic. I think the link gadget is working again, so maybe I can add a permanent link to the site. Give me something to look at when I should be working.

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