Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Morning Reading Time

The last panel says it all.

I was checking out Frazz as I do every Sunday, and underneath the cartoon was a link to Esquire magazines list of 75 books every man should read. Being the avid reader that I am and being more than just a little curious, I checked it out. Surprisingly enough, I've only read a few of the books on the list. Some I've never heard of and others I've heard of and know I'll never get around to reading. Like War and Peace. I'd have to be stranded on an island with that as the only thing to read to even consider tackling that one. I did see one that piqued my curiosity, however. The Professional by W. C. Heinz. Maybe see if I can locate that one after I finish Dodsworth by Sinclair Lewis. I've got that one on hold for me to pick up Monday. The movie was on TCM the other night. It stars Walter Huston and Mary Astor. Good film. Not normally the kind of thing I would pursue to read but I'm about burned out on the who-dunnits I've been burning through lately. Plus I don't remember ever reading anything by Sinclair Lewis in spite of his being the first American to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. 

Enough computer time. The sun's out and has burned off the frost. Time to get busy. 


Traveling Pirate said...

I've only read 5 books from the list. Good thing I'm not a man; I'd be pretty far behind.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I haven't read too many more than that myself. I have been trying to read a few more "classics" but I've found that even though they may be considered classics, they don't always appeal much to me and I move on without them. Plus I've got the 500 page rule.

In your case, I'm sure it's hard to fit much reading in when you're traveling all around the world collecting passport stamps!

Traveling Pirate said...

I thought I'd be done with my first book in just a few days of vacation. Nope, I'm still reading it. My Kindle says I'm at 70%.