Friday, April 19, 2013

Keep On Smilin'

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Nothing much to report this week on either the project or the education front but since I pledged to post at least twice a week here's a little something (Maybe I can make this as asinine and irrelevant as a Facebook post).

Went back to the dentist for the third time in three weeks. Besides getting the old choppers cleaned up on this visit, I got the news that one of them has to come out. Really looking forward to that. I did learn that they've got some kind of magic dust they can sprinkle on the jaw bone for a bone graft. Take the old tooth out, sprinkle on the magic dust and wait a couple of months while the jaw repairs itself, then stick a new tooth back in. Pretty incredible that. Never heard the word painless mentioned, however.

Stopped at the hospital after the dentist to see my former colleague who had the heart attack. He was just getting ready to move out of the ICU room to an intermediate care room. Good news there. He had just had some blood work done prior to the heart attack and all the numbers looked great. But he was trying to teach a couple of auto body classes with 28 students in one, 26 in another, and next to nothing in equipment and supplies. The first two things that come to my mind: It's no wonder that the results in education are lousy, and it's a wonder more teachers don't have heart attacks. Probably would if half of them didn't quit during the first five years on the job.

One other interesting thing from the visit: He flat lined twice before they got him stabilized. Since he died twice for a short time period, I asked him if he saw the bright light at the end of the tunnel or anything. His response was: "If I saw the light, I wouldn't have come back." Something to think about there.

The weather has been crap for the last few days. They shut the college down the other night due to a storm caused power outage. Lots of local flooding. Temperatures forecast for below freezing tonight. However, it's supposed to stop raining over the weekend. That'll give me a chance to check out the Suzuki and see if we're compatible. I need to drop a couple of things off at Surly's house for him. I'll take some tie-downs and the ramp with me when I go, just in case.

Been another tough week in America. I just heard that they've about got the Boston bombing thing wrapped up but not before another innocent life was lost. Maybe someday we can all live in peace.

In the meantime:

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Surly said...

There's a sticker on the back of the Suzuki that says,"if this bike is on a trailer or in a truck, it is being stolen"