Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trouble With My Gadget

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When I do the Lab Tech gig, I usually have a little extra time on my hands, so I fire up one of the computers in there and check my e-mail, enter my attendance/grades from my class the previous day, and depending on the time frame, maybe check out a few of my favorite blog sites. With the way the school computer is configured, I can't really put together a book mark list of my favorites, so I figured I'd add a couple more links to the list here. What could be simpler, right? Well, as often happens in the high tech world of computers, at least when I'm involved, not so simple after all.

Initially I was just going to add a couple of links to the existing "gadget", as blogger calls it. Except that when I try to save any changes, I get an error message. I removed the gadget and started over and after several attempts I finally realized it would save everything the first time I clicked on save but nothing thereafter. So I finally got a list with a few links but I didn't get a title in before the error message came up and I can't add that or anymore links. I guess what I'm going to have to do is create a paper list with the URL's and titles, start a new link gadget, and after entering and double checking everything, hit save just the one time.

It's hard to bitch about the blogger platform because it's free. But lately, it's been a pain in the ass. It's been highlighting words for some money making gizmo to try and get me to sign up for that. I'm not opposed to making money but I am opposed to advertising of most any kind. There's just too much of it everywhere and now I'm dealing with this thing where I can't save my changes in the gadget. Not that big a deal, I suppose and I should be used to it. There was always something haywire with the IT when I worked at the high school. I'll get a little better prepared and try to take another run at it one of these days.


dorkpunch said...

I was going to leave a quick reply about attention spans and the internet... but it got pretty long winded. Might elaborate more on it some day on my blog, but lets just say I HATE the direction websites are going in- seems like they take all of the information that used to be on one page and spread it out onto 8 or 9, and you have to click a bazillion things to get one thing done. Due to short attention spans? I dunno. Whew. Still pretty long winded, sorry. Carry on!

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I think the computer guys just need to showcase their skills so the boss will keep them around. If the website doesn't change, why would you need a programmer on the payroll? Plus, someone has to pay for the big servers and fancy buildings. Add lots of pages to the sites, fill them with ads and every time you click through the 8 or 9 pages, the Silicon Valley guys make more money.