Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Car Stuff

Went by the high school the other day to check out the progress on the high mileage car. Dave mentioned brakes on the car and it just so happens I had a rear wheel equipped with a drum brake left over from when I was fooling around with that stuff. I dropped it off along with my Bicycling Science book - great book, by the way. Chock full of good stuff that applies to much more than just bicycles.

Here's the new frame they've built. The body shell is probably going to be scrapped. This stage of the construction was usually about the time I was both pleased and nervous. Good to see progress but not near enough knowing that the car had to be ready to roll come the end of April and all the help would turn stupid after spring break. Fortunately, when I was involved I had a couple of the other teachers I could rely on to help out with drawings, formulas, editing, etc. That eased the burden a bit.

Watched some of the Detroit Auto Show Sunday. Might have to go when it comes to Chicago - it's been a long, long time since I've been there.  It's about time I start thinking seriously about buying myself that sports car. It'd be nice to see them all under one roof for comparison sake. I went to check out a Subaru WRX and no one locally had one on the floor and the salesman said if I was to want one, it was going to take six months to get it. The closest Nissan dealer didn't have a 370Z in stock. Says they never keep one on the floor. The other car I've been thinking about is a new Mustang. The GT with the V8, 3.55 rear gear and the Recaro seats is about $36K. Not bad for what you're getting. Cheaper than most pickups and comparable to the Nissan and the Subaru. Plus there's a dealer within bicycling distance of the shack. That alone might be the tie breaker. I won't be able to do anything for at least eight months - need to get out from under the health insurance payments first. Medicare might be the only good thing about growing old. Have to wait and see about that, however. 

In the meantime, howz about a car tune by an old rocker who just made Medicare age?

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