Friday, January 9, 2015

Couple Mo' Things

I got this in the Rivendell Bicycle newsletter:

"You should always pay attention to quality. A coffin, for instance, should last a lifetime."
- Kurt Tucholsky

I've often wondered about the whole coffin/casket thing. They embalm you, put you in the coffin and then seal you up in a vault and put you six feet under. Lot of effort to preserve your remains for no real good reason. Other than contaminating the ground water, seems to me the old pine box would serve just fine. Dust to dust and all that.

Photo From Here
The caption from the other site says it's a flat tracker but I say put the lights back on and run it on the street. I'm going to have to get me a Guzzi one of these days.

Even though it's been colder than a well digger's ass the last few days, I'm itching to get back out and work on something. And in the spirit of gearing up and being ready when it warms up a bit, I ordered some aluminum for the door panels on the VW. As you can tell from the photo, I ordered it from Online Metals. I placed my order early Wednesday morning and it showed up here on Thursday - quite pleased with that. Most of the VW suppliers sell the panels but I wasn't sure if they would fit the Super Beetle for one, and the sheets were about half the price of the store bought. When it warms up (it was only 15 degrees in the shop yesterday at noon, zero outside)  I'll get my lay-out, take them to school and cut them on the shear, then put some type of pattern on them with the bead roller. I'm still not sure what I'm looking for with the dash on the car. Hopefully something will hit me while I'm working on the door panels and finishing up the floor pans.

Time to see if I can get the car out of the auto-shed and down the lane. Need to do something other than laying around snacking.

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