Thursday, January 29, 2015

Door Panels

I remembered seeing an article in Hot VWs about a Pro-Street interior project how-to, so I dug out a couple of the plastic tubs and found the article (August '05). The tin work was done by Ric Campbell of Big Wig Race Cars. He did a beautiful job, as you would expect, since it ended up in the magazine.

These are all examples of door panels from his web site. I've been looking for some ideas so I can get going on my project. In addition to door panels, he offers a complete kit for the back of the car for $1,400.00. Not really a bad price considering the price of aluminum and it's custom made to your car. I've got a plan for the back of mine already, it's the front part that's the hold up. 

I need to decide on a couple of details before I start on my door panels, like whether or not to put the finger cups behind the door latch and if I want to put a door pull/arm rest back on, and if so, what type. Mid America Motorworks has replacements for the Super Beetle but they were pretty cheesy from the factory and they're fifty bucks for a pair. Speedway Motors has some sexy looking ones but nothing that really grabbed me. I think I'm going to get the panel cut to shape and lay it down on the door and see if I can't come up with something that hits the spot for both the arm rest and any design I want to put in the panel.

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