Monday, January 19, 2015

Places to Go

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Here's something I should mark down on the calender. Pretty much a straight shot down I-65 from my place. Surly and I were there for a bicycle swap meet a couple of years ago. We both unloaded some treasures and neither one of us drug anything much back home - mission accomplished. I'm not so sure that would happen with the motorcycle swap meet but it might be a fun way to kill a few hours.

I didn't realize when I joined the Amateur Radio Relay League in order to learn more about ham radio that there are things called "hamfests". There's a couple of those coming up on the calender as well. One in LaPorte and one in Brazil - that would be Brazil as in Indiana, not South America. The one in LaPorte is not too far away, plus there's a museum there I've never been to. There was an auto museum but apparently it has closed down but over thirty of the cars are now in the county museum which I believe took over the building. Even if the hamfest is a bust, I could salvage the day by stopping at the museum later. If gas stays below $2.00/gallon, the cost of driving over there and the admission fees together would still be under $20.00. Other than the library, hard to spend a whole day anywhere for less than a double sawbuck. 

And when I get the Sportster running later this year, I'm going to take a ride over to North Judson and check out Kersting's HD and museum. I've been there a couple of times but it's been a while. I can check out the Hoosier Valley Railroad while I'm there. I've been there lots of times but as long as I'm close, be a shame not to check out the trains. 

There's a nice bike path at the far end of the rail yard. The Traveling Pirate and I rode it a couple of years ago. It's nine miles long now but there are plans to extend it. Looking forward to getting out on the bicycle more this year. I was going to sign up for a 5K walk this spring that I've done several times but they've raised the price to $33.00. I can't see paying $11.00/mile to walk. Maybe sign up for the Tour de Max bike ride instead. It's been a few years since I rode that one. Don't know if I need to ride the 62 mile version like I used to but they've got a 25 mile route, if I remember correctly.

Enough of that. Time to get busy. The Missus has been in the hospital for the last few days so I need to do the laundry.

Have a good week.


Frankie Flood said...

I hope your wife is doing o.k. Keeping you and her in our thoughts...

Shop Teacher Bob said...

She's home and recovering nicely - had a couple of surgeries and lots of tests for some mystery ailment.

Appreciate the positive thoughts.