Friday, January 30, 2015

Aloha Friday

Since I only work two days per week now, this is for you working stiffs out there:

I'm still logging my workout time at the President's Challenge. A group of us from the high school plus a couple others started using this to keep track of our workouts. I started in November of 2006 and I'm the only one of the original group still using it. Each point scored for your physical exertion is roughly equivalent to a calorie burned and you can earn awards at various levels. I made my bronze, silver and gold awards (500,000 for the gold)  relatively quickly but I did a little math and if I continue to progress at my current rate, it'll be six years until I make the million point mark.

Most of my points now are scored by keeping track of my pedometer, a weekly visit to the boxing gym and training for the occasional race walk. A 5000 step day on the pedometer is only worth 110 points, which is a fairly typical day for me - about 2-1/2 to 3 miles. All that translates into a typical week being about 1,000 points. Before the heart attack when I was doing all the running, cycling and boxing, I was probably averaging 4,000 points per week, without keeping track of my steps. With my long bicycle rides I would often ring up 2,000 - 3,000 points in a single day. Mr. Type A has decided he needs to increase the output to not only score a few more points but to shed a few pounds and get the heart rate up a bit. The trick now is to find the middle path. Get the exercise benefit to my health without over doing it. Now that I'm locked in on working only two days per week for a while, I need to get a good workout schedule for three days per week with strength training and some cardio. I'm finding out if I don't have anything planned, I'm starting to gravitate towards doing nothing, especially with the cold weather. That's got to stop. I got on the "talking scale" the other day to check my weight and it said "One at a time please". Definitely time to make a move.

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