Monday, March 30, 2015

Book Reviews

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I read a couple of interesting books of late. The one in the photo above is all about the Secret Service in regards to how it guards the President, his family and other high ranking figures in our government. It's kind of a kiss and tell book but does say a lot about the character of the people determining the fate of the country. The thing I found most interesting as a new round of presidential candidates comes forward is this quote:

Many of those who run crave superficial celebrity. They are hollow people who have no principles and simply want to be elected. Even if an individual is balanced, once someone becomes president, how does one solve the conundrum of staying real and somewhat humble when one is surrounded by the most powerful office in the land, and from becoming overwhelmed by an at times pathological environment that treats you every day as emperor? Here is where the true strength of the character of the person, not his past accomplishments, will determine whether his presidency ends in accomplishment or failure.

Something to keep in mind in this next presidential cycle.

Struck by Genius

This one is the story of how Jason Padgett was transformed into a mathematical savant and synesthete after a mugging. It's an interesting story, particularly because evidence indicates that all of us have the very same latent potential to become a genius just as Jason did. However, Traumatic Brain Injuries, or TBI, normally don't result in the injured party becoming a savant. Having had a little bit of personal experience with a TBI, I can tell you that it did change my personality a bit and nearly thirty years later most of the earlier problems it caused have cleared up but now I'm starting to experience a few other things. Some probably from that one serious incident and some probably due to the fact that I've suffered at least four or five additional concussions over the years. 

Now that the NFL and the NHL are looking into the long term effects of getting your bell rung on a regular basis, hopefully there will be more research and more help available to those who suffer from a TBI, especially those poor servicemen and women who have been injured in the line of duty. The brain's a remarkable machine but it doesn't take too much to throw it out of whack. 

It'll be time to get back out on the bikes pretty soon - wear your helmet!

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