Saturday, March 21, 2015

Press Brake

I welded up the pipe for the press brake attachment the other day at work and then finished the machining at the house. I need to shorten the top up a bit yet. The support channels on the press move in six inch increments and I want to have ram only about an inch above the vee block with the ram fully withdrawn so the length of the ram has to be right on the money or you'll have to be pumping the hell out of the jack. I figured I would just cut the pipe to the proper length when I had everything set but looking at it, might be better to shorten up the ram. I don't need the old mounting plate on there any more and by doing it that way it would probably look better and lighten things up a bit as well. I'll stare at it a day or two and decide which way I want to go. Either way, I should have it finished up next week and then I can get some paint on it.

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