Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Photo From Here

Some Indiana things here today. The photo above from a lady in Indy. The photo below from  a man someplace close to there.

Photo From Here
It's a 1957 HD 165cc flat tracker. I've got a '63 stocker in the barn. Also from that site the news that the Indy Mile will be July 10th this year instead of being run in August when the Moto GP comes to town. Not Indiana news but the DuQuoin race is back on the schedule again for the 4th of July. I drove down there for that one a few years back but the feature got rained out. I did get to see a few hot laps. I'd like to give it another try sometime.

Finally warmed up a bit with more still to come. Picking off the list of things to do around the shack while I'm on break. Got the inside of the little clown car all spit shined, squashed the aluminum cans to recycle, took Surly to the lumber yard to pick up some material for a job he's working on and picked up a piece of 3/4" particle board with the laminate on it to make the surround/out-feed table for the table saw as long as I was making the trip. I'll work on getting that finished up as the schedule allows now. 

The Golden Gloves in Indy is on once again. Jimmy's got one guy going down this week. He's a young guy - tough, but it's his first fight. Hope he does well. TCM had Elvis in Kid Galahad on yesterday. Like most of his movies it was pretty corny but the fact that I've been involved a little bit in the fight game made it more interesting. They showed Charles Bronson wrapping Elvis's hands before his first fight and there must have been someone involved with the movie who knew something about it. Nice professional job on the wraps.

And totally unrelated to anything here today, I ran across a post about how golf has fallen out of favor and how your time could be better spent learning a trade or spending time with your family rather than golfing or some other similar pastime. Interesting slant on things. Only about a five minute read. You can find it here.

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