Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Old Stuff/New Stuff

Saw these falls on one of my bike trips.

Glenn Curtiss - One of my personal heroes.

Saw both of these here

On the education front, lots of news about the current and continuing shortage of skilled welders. The current American Welding Society e-mail has gleaned several articles from papers around the country addressing the problem. In addition to the growing need for pipe welders due to the oil boom, skilled welders are also needed in industry and construction due to the retirement of older tradesmen. An article cited from the NY Times dealt with the shortage along the Gulf but several other articles mentioned similar problems here in the Midwest. The answer, as always, shop class - primarily high school and community college, but also private trade schools and apprenticeship programs.

Even though the AWS is forecasting a shortage or over 200,000 welders in the next few years, here's the solution for you. Seven of the nine welders my replacement at the high school entered in a recent welding contest. Out of 43 total entrants, these seven placed in the top ten. Not too shabby, I'd say. They're also earning college credits along with their high school diplomas. I'm assuming the State is still offering the Plus 40 with a technical certificate diploma. If his students meet the academic requirements, I could get them certified to qualify for the higher level diploma if they had the welding skills to go along with it. I need to swing by the high school and offer my services and remind Dave about the scholarship program his students are eligible for.

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