Thursday, March 19, 2015

Real Whitworth

Photo From Here

If you're going to work on your Jag, you need a set of Whitworth tools. Or your BSA or Frances Barnett for those of us who can't afford the car of their dreams.

Surly sent me an e-mail that he had come across a set of Whitworth wrenches right after I posted that I had cobbled one up. I picked the set up the other day and it appears to be a tool kit mash-up from British motorcycles. A couple of them are marked Triumph and a few of them are branded Spearpoint. They're a little rough but there's probably every size I'll need for the BSA or the Fanny B. So I'm good to go on the wrench front.

I got the pipe for my press brake attachment collared up the other day. It still needs a little more weld on it but I'm going to try and get that done today. After that I can bore it out to fit the pin on my press, and put a couple of set screws in it. 

I want to get the table saw done and moved up to the top of the barn but the half finished boat is in the way. I worked on that a bit to see what it would take to finish putting the side boards (strakes?) on it. Looks like mostly time and a few more clamps. I bought six cheapie clamps awhile back with the intention of modifying them for the job. Looks like I'm definitely going to need all six in addition to the "F" clamps that are on there in the photo. Menards was out of the size flat stock I need, so I'll check the hardware store on my way to work next time by.

Even the forty degree days seem like heaven now. I'm able to walk out to the shop or the barn and just go to work without freezing my ass off anytime I get a free moment. Really need to get out there and build/fix a few things.

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