Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Little B & M

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So we've got a guy who can build an entire body for a car.

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And a couple of guys who can build some really kick-ass sheet metal for a motorcycle. And then there's me.

Three aluminum pieces for three different bikes. All of which are only half finished at best. I'd really like to devote more time to this sheet metal stuff but even if I get close to mastering it, why? It's not like I need to do this sort of thing. Or maybe I do. I saw a filler piece on PBS a week or so back - how to tell if you might have Attention Deficit Disorder. Managed to watch about 5 minutes before I changed the channel - that probably says something in itself.  While it's almost certain that I've got ADD according to what was on the tube, especially the last item on the list that says people with ADD will say or do stupid things for no apparent reason sometimes, much of my problem is that I normally have no interest in the finished project. I just want to make things. Not sure what's behind the need to make things or what got me going on this subject, but it might have something to do with "Challenge, Mastery and Purpose". Or it could be one of a million things. Who the hell knows?

I did knock out a quickie railing project to help the Missus navigate a step out front. It's supposed to warm up a bit today so I'll get it primed, painted and installed. I also bought a replacement air conditioner I need to install. The chemo has been kicking the Missus' ass. I need to make sure no matter what the weather, she'll be as comfortable as possible. It's a thru the wall unit and I didn't want to take the old one out while the temps were in the 40's. I'll tackle that one in the upcoming days, hopefully before it gets too hot. The new unit is also a heater which will be nice in the winter. The old farmhouse here has hot water heat but they didn't run any fin tubes on the end of the living area where we spend the majority of our time in the evenings. This should help eliminate the cold spot and in the event of a power outage, I can close off much of the rest of the house and plug the new unit in to the welder and keep us toasty. At least as long as the fuel holds out, anyway. 

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