Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

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Cuzzin Ricky and I did The Dead Relatives Tour a little early this year. We were both off on Friday and it was a beautiful day to be out and about so Friday it was. The American Legion had already set the flags out, so after we cleaned off all the markers and planted the flowers, they all looked real nice. Our dads are both buried in the same cemetery only a short walk apart from one and other. It's an older, well kept cemetery with mature trees. It's very peaceful and quiet. Gives them and the others interred there the dignity and respect they deserve. Gone but not forgotten, as the saying goes. 

We stopped at Harbor Freight on the way home to see about a sheet metal brake. I had a coupon that was set to expire in a few days so I thought I'd check it out. After deciding to purchase, the only one in stock was in a crate that looked like it had been dropped off the truck someplace between China and here. Because of that, the lady gave me the coupon price and knocked 20% off as well. Everything was going better than expected right up to the point when we were transferring it out of Rick's truck into mine. I sliced the hell out of my finger on a sheet metal corner brace that I didn't realize was on the bottom of the crate. Fortunately, I keep a first aid kit in my truck so we cobbled up a bandage and I drove home with my finger throbbing. Didn't figure getting the brake for half price was going to cost me in blood though. 

The brake has a capacity of 16 gauge x 36" wide. That's about all a guy needs for motorcycle work and patch panels for autos. I think I can convert it into a box brake with removable fingers relatively easy. I'll get it set up and take a hard look at it one of these days and make a decision then. Maybe extend the handles on the apron also. 

The next item on the equipment purchase list is a drill press for the wood shop. I've only got a few more months of big insurance premiums to make and then Medicare kicks in. After that, I'll be looking at buying something - probably the 1/2 hp radial that Grizzly and a couple of other outfits sell. Should be pretty well set after that. A planer would be nice to have, though.

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