Thursday, May 28, 2015

Workin' It

Photo From Here

I love this picture. Look at the metal work on the engine cowling and those wheel pants. The lady in the photo's no slouch either. Besides being quite lovely, she flew coast to coast solo and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I got the little railing installed and the new air conditioner. The railing didn't require much more than a shovel, a level and a bag of concrete mix. The AC unit was a little more involved. The instructions showed something like nine different scenarios depending on the type of unit the wall sleeve was originally designed for. Mine, of course, fell into the category of none of the above. I needed to raise the unit up in the sleeve in order for the trim piece to fit properly and the AC unit is supposed to slope to the rear for drainage of the condensate. I cut some tapered shims from a treated 2x4 and bolted those in. I also cut some pieces from an old bicycle inner tube and set the AC unit on them as a way to absorb any vibration that might be transferred to the metal wall sleeve. I sealed up the gap between the sleeve and the AC unit with the furnished foam gasket and packed everything tight with fiberglass insulation to insure no drafts this winter. Plugged it in and everything seems to work as advertised. Should be ready to go when the hot weather hits. I'm interested to see how the heating element works this winter.

Should be a beautiful day today according to the forecast. A couple hours of mowing, weed whacking and gardening on tap, then it's on to the projects. Cuzzin Ricky sent some angle home with me the other day to make ramps for his trailer. They're already cut to length and mitered. Maybe do those today. Definitely going to pull the cover off the Sportster and see where I left off on that.

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