Monday, May 11, 2015

Power Center

I splurged on a luxury item for the new barn - a power center. It's an air compressor, trouble light and extension cord, plus it's got a couple of little halogen bulbs that light up when you pull the cord down. It's pretty slick, actually. I pumped up a couple of bicycle tires and it works just dandy for that. It will go up to 100 psi and there's a gauge built in so you can check the pressure as you inflate the tire. The thing was on sale for $29.99 @ Menard's. The bulbs weren't included so I bought a pair at the local hardware store. No bargain there, but still, total cost under $45.00. I think it'll come in handy and be worth the money. 

Surly came down over the weekend and brought a paper pattern of a sidecover design for the BSA. Mostly just a visual aid but we're getting this thing in the loop. The Missus and I have lots of medical things going on this week but I'm going to be starting back up on the Sportster. I just need to remember where I left off.

Walked out by the railroad tracks where I usually find some mushrooms every spring. Just my luck, however, the railroad sprayed everything with weed killer a couple of days before the mushrooms popped up. Mushrooms are supposed to be a super food where cancer is concerned but eating them after a fresh application of Round Up/2-4-D/ Agent Orange or whatever the hell they sprayed is not going to give the same results. There were quite a few out there but I figured one person with cancer in the household is plenty, so I took a pass on picking any.

On vacation for a month now. Shouldn't be that big of a deal when I'm only working two days per week anyway - but it sure feels like it is. I'll try not to squander it.

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