Monday, May 4, 2015

Trouble With My Ho'

Looks like it's going to be a good year for fruit again if the blossoms on the apple & crab apple are any indication. If you get close to the crab apple, it's just a hummin' with all the bees doing what they do. You don't have to worry about getting stung. They're in ecstasy.

I got the garden planted. Started on Saturday after a breakfast get together with a few of my colleagues from the high school. Everyone is still bitchin' about the same things. Always does my heart good to hear it though. It was definitely time for me to move on. Speaking of which, I ran across one of my former superintendents the other day. She was working the cash register at one of the hardware stores I trade with. I did a double take when I came in. Wasn't what I expected but more power to her. She was an improvement over several of those other bozos that were sitting in the big chair.

Had a couple of casualties working the garden - broke the trowel on Saturday and then the hoe on Sunday. Most people would have gone scampering to the closest lawn & garden supply but I sanded/filed a taper on the old handle for the hoe and reused it. The trowel I'll take to work with me this week and weld it back together. All the garden tools are looking a little ragged. I should plan on replacing them or at least put some linseed oil on the handles to help preserve them. If I bought a new hoe, rake and shovel they would out last me at this point and probably bring a buck a piece at the auction. Something to consider.

Anyway, the gardens in. I've got about $25.00 in seeds and plants and about eight hours of labor. I wouldn't have had as much labor had I done a bit of work last fall but I was concentrating my energies on getting the house painted. I should get a fairly good return on my investment with the rising food prices and if California doesn't get some water pretty soon, the situation is going to get real serious. Think Victory Garden folks.

On an unrelated note, I ran into a former student at breakfast Saturday morning. He was wearing his belt buckle that he had made in class. I remembered posting about making them and it's been five years ago. Looked like it has held up nicely. I wonder how much stuff shop teachers are responsible for having made, either directly or indirectly. 

And on another unrelated note, I got the SV650 out yesterday for the first ride of the season. I didn't go far but I had taken it off the battery tender about two weeks ago and wanted to get it fired up. The battery has died in my pickup and the mower battery isn't far behind. No problem with the bike, though. Felt good to be out. 

Have a good week and don't forget your garden!

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