Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Three Tees

Tools, time & talent. I've got most of the tools that I need for this stuff. Realistically, I've got more time than the average guy. Talent? Still working on that one.

I've got the sidecover at roughly 90%. Still some planishing and sanding to be done if I'm going to use it but since it's probably destined to be a wall hanging, that's about all she wrote on metal finishing. I am going to drill the hole for the mounting peg and make a bracket to mount the leading edge. Maybe shrink the top edge so it will follow the line of the frame rail a bit closer and then see how it looks on the bike.

I'm only so-so on the design. I think Surly wants to have a line on the sidecover that compliments the break line on the lower part of the tank. Fairly plain to see once you throw something up there that doesn't have it. Next step is to wait and see what he comes up with. 

For a technical exercise I'm pleased. It came out looking like I planned it and it only took a couple of days start to finish. I'll never be able to call myself a panel beater at the rate I'm going but with a few more projects I should be able to make most anything I'll ever want as far as motorcycle sheet metal goes. Might even be able to make myself that Bonneville racer someday. 


Surly said...

Time is something I am in shortage of. I hurt my back last week, birthday party for the little guy, wife's car broke, mowing, I had to evict a family of starlings building a nest in my soffit...
I'm glad you are staying focused on the project. I found the set of air filters that seem to be the best compromise. They are pricey, of course. I think you are on the right track with the sidecovers. A little large, perhaps. I've been trying to work on my design but I've run into a snag with my SolidWorks skills. I don't do enough modeling of complex shapes to be proficient at what I want to do. I'm close.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Take all the time you need. I want to get this thing done but part of it was getting some "therapy time" in for myself.

Send me the air filter info. Next time you come down we'll look at things. Might be easier to finalize something now that we've got a "rough draft".

In the meantime I'll finish up a couple of things around the shack and get back on the Sportster.