Sunday, August 23, 2015

Almost There

Here it is - does everything but run. I took it down off the work stand so I could move some things around in the front part of the shop. I need to get as much moved out of the way as possible so my buddy will be able to run the bull float when we pour the concrete in back. It was time to get it off the stand anyway. I think it's just add fluids and she'll be ready to go. I put the plugs in it and kicked it over a couple of times just to see what it's going to take to turn it over. I might be in trouble if it doesn't light off after two or three stabs on the kicker. If I'm going to keep it, might have to build a set of rollers this winter. Regardless, it looked good sitting out there in the sun yesterday. The pictures don't really do it justice. Maybe I'll see about starting it up this coming week. All depends on the schedule and the back muscles.

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