Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Update

In spite of the weather this summer, and my neglect, the garden is putting out a little something. At the current grocery store prices there's almost four dollars worth of cucumbers laying there. The squash bugs are at work sawing off the vines so I won't get too many more squash but with these, a couple I've already picked and a couple more on the vine, I've recovered the cost of seed plus a bit. The tomatoes are doing fine. The little plum tomatoes are really tasty. They make a fine salad tomato. My pepper plants are finally starting to do something. I have them planted on the south side of the new barn and initially they were drowning with all the rain we were getting. Then it went from too wet to hot and dry, and with them planted so close to the barn sheet metal they receive a lot of reflected heat. Fortunately I remembered to check on them and kept them watered. 

Also in the photo is a bag of peaches and a couple of apples. With all that's going on around here now I'm going to skip trying to make any wine. Depending on the weather the next few days, I might see about grinding up some apples for cider, however. Seems awful early for the apples but they've probably been stressed by the weather into an early fruit drop. The Missus says she's up to making a peach pie as long as I prepare the peaches for her. 

Surly and the grandsons came down on Saturday. He gave me a hand moving some more things out of the back of the shop. I've still got a ways to go before I'm ready for concrete but there's a big empty spot in the middle of the floor now. After doing some yard work/gardening yesterday morning, I went back out later in the day after it had cooled off a bit and moved some more stuff out. I also cut out a little tab and welded it to the brake lever for the black & orange Sprint. The tab is for the brake light switch. I still need to make a couple of more parts to hook up the cable but I've at least got all the bits that I had made previously tacked together.  

We're going to be watching the boys later in the week - big step for the Missus. She still tires easily but she misses seeing the boys and there doesn't seem to be anything going around right now the boys can pass along. We're basically in limbo now waiting to see if the cancer has gone into remission. Having the grandsons around will help.

Have a good week.

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