Friday, August 14, 2015


My buddy came down on his little Ducati to pick up the BSA case I welded up for him. Unfortunately, as they say on the Tour, he was forced to abandon. Seems the battery quit. He pulled up to a stop sign not too far from my house and the bike died.  He pushed it a few steps and it started again but when he got to my place no battery at all. Horn wouldn't honk, no lights, nothing. We rolled it out to the shop and gave it a quick look-see. Checked the obvious things - fuse, ground connection, etc. I hooked the battery charger up to it and the meter needle didn't budge at all. Turn on the lights and had about a 3 amp draw. We jumpered around a few things to make sure there wasn't a wire with a hidden break. We put a light across the terminals and not even a glimmer. Rather strange since it's a relatively new battery. Still, nice day for a bike ride but not a bad day for a couple of old farts to ride around in the pickup talking "squish band", either.

Nice looking little bike even if it is just a lawn ornament.

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