Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tool Box/Ukelele/Banjo

Since I'm still not up to doing much, I was getting caught up on my time-wasting in front of the computer and checked out Dorkpunch to see what he'd been up to lately. Seems that he won a prize for his "Instructables" Portable Tool Box Project (Congratulations, by the way). I had never taken the time to check out the Instructables site but Surly and I have been kicking around some musical instrument project things so after checking out the tool box project I typed banjo in the search box and "sho nuff", they've got banjo building instructions. Next time I make a musical instrument a banjo it will be.

Surly was inspecting the cigar box uke the boys made in the woodshop a couple of years back and informed me that it was pretty much impossible to form a chord on the lower end of the neck due to the frets being so close together. One glance at the photo and it's obvious that's the case. The layout was straight out of a book I purchased on making home made instruments, so I won't take all the blame. I think he's planning on doing some "ukeleleing" in the future. Have to see what results from that. Neither one of us needs another thing to distract us from the pile of projects calling out to us, but that's never stopped either one of us before.

I'm going to try and get a little something done today without screwing the back up anymore than it is. I was back at the chiropractor yesterday and I'm scheduled for another round of electric shock therapy and the rack tomorrow. I'm definitely going to have to start some type of regular stretching & strength training program to get and keep everything loose and functional.

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