Sunday, August 16, 2015

Some More TIG

My buddy with the Triumph TR3 that came down a few weeks back called the other day. I figured he was going to ask about the pump end plate that's in the photo. Instead, it was to tell me of the passing of his mother, God rest her soul. I only met her a couple of times but she was a nice lady and an extremely talented artist, especially in the art of Polish paper cutting. Made it all the way to 97. I went to pay my respects and took the pump part with me - he's going to have enough on his plate for awhile with out making a trip down. 

I've still got his fender to repair and a couple of other jobs for people but I figured I was up by one, at least until I went out to pick up some dinner for the Missus and ran into the lady that runs the big 5K race here. I made some sign brackets for her once before. She needs some more and has a  few that need some TLC. Nice thing about this job is that she won't need them for a year. The way I work, probably take that long.

When I got home from the visitation, Surly was hard at work moving things out of the back of the shop. He got it pretty well cleaned out. There's still a couple of cabinets that need to be emptied and moved and the wood burning stove, but it's about 95% bare. The floor is sand and it's close to being at the proper level so it won't take too much to get it leveled out and tamped down. I'll get a hold of the ex-Building Trades instructor and see what his schedule is and get this concrete thing taken care of before too much longer. On the subject of the Building Trades class, I ran over to the old high school the other day to see my replacement and he said they haven't filled the position. Apparently they hired someone for the job but they bailed out two days before school started. So if you're looking for a job like that in Northwest Indiana, let me know and I'll get you the info.

I went out into the shop the other night to put the gas tank on the Sportster and imagine my surprise when I found out the petcock won't work on the tank. In the last incarnation, the bike had a big tank like off a big twin and it used a different thread. Bummer! New one is ordered though. 

Back's much better, I'm welding parts again and making forward progress. It's all good.

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