Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I took myself a vacation day yesterday. The weather forecast was just about perfect so I decided to ride the SV over to North Judson and the Kersting Motorcycle Museum. Kersting's is also a Harley dealership so I checked out a couple of bikes while I was there. I've been wanting to check out one of the Street models and they had both a 500 and a 750 on the floor. The saddle height is really low on the 750 I sat on which brought my long legs way up - closer to how I would be sitting on a curb rather than on a bike. Might not have been so bad if I hadn't just gotten off the Suzuki with a whole different set of ergonomics. 

After checking out the bikes and the showroom I went out to the museum. Five bucks to get in - cheap at twice the price as the saying goes. Lots of interesting bikes of various makes. There's also a few cars, some bicycles and some motorcycles made by outfits that made bicycles, such as Raleigh, BSA, Pugeot, and Motobecane. Lots of Harleys as you would expect at a Harley dealership but a couple of road racing Kawasaki two-strokes that were campaigned by Jim Kersting himself. I was fortunate to have a brief chat with the man while I was there.  If I remember correctly, I saw him race the little Sprint flat tracker at an event in LaPorte one time. 

The bottom photo is the grille from one of three Rolls Royces in the museum. There's some serious money invested in the place. Especially someplace that's basically in the middle of nowhere. Nice destination from my place, however. Easy ride on rural state highways. The scenery consisted of fresh cut hay, mint harvesting, corn and soybeans all under blue skies and temperatures in the 70's. I used to head over that way fairly regularly and I'd normally stop at the root beer stand at the four way as you come into town. I was tempted to break training and stop for a root beer and a pork tenderloin sandwich since I didn't go to the fair and have one. They also had a pulled pork sandwich advertised - would have been a tough decision. Probably best I kept riding.

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