Thursday, August 27, 2015

Next In Line - Kaw 900

Since the Sportster's all buttoned up, I thought I'd do a little sheet metal therapy session and work on the 900.  Other than riveting in the Dzus fasteners, the sidecovers are done. I'm going to finish the ducktail & rear fender later this week. Try to finish up the swingarm after that. I want to widen the rear wheel. I think I can manage all of that on my own. It's going to be a little tricky but I've thought it through. The proof will be in the pudding, as they say. I've got the parts to add a second disc brake to the front end. It won't take much to install those but I need to get the back end put together again first. In fact, it wouldn't hurt to just stick it back together again so I can roll it around until I get the concrete finished. 

Only got about two more weeks until the Missus gets her PET scan, then a few days after that we'll see the doctor and find out where we stand with the lymphoma. While I'm expecting good news, the waiting is starting to weigh on me. I'm trying to stay busy and get a little something done around the shack every day and a little something on one of the projects every day. I've also been trying to put my affairs in order. I've got things squared away on the life insurance and some other things but I need to get an advanced medical directive/power of attorney, written instructions for my last wishes and draw up the pirate map so Surly can find the buried treasure out behind the barn. 


Surly said...

I do have a metal detector now. I hope it's in a stainless coffee can.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Think it's powerful enough to pick up a signal from the gold doubloons if they're in a plastic ammo can?