Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Aermacchi Turismo Veloce

Photo From Here

Surly sent me a couple of photos of Aermacchi street machines that neither one of us were aware of. Apparently these were European bikes and while they had the same 350 engine as the American made Sprints, they were a lot sexier looking. This is a 1971 - the 72's were even prettier. A search for Aermacchi TV will turn up quite a few photos and some detail info if you're interested.

Surly sold off his Sprint and we've been sorting parts so he can get the proper parts to the new owner and we can sort what we've got in order for us to get a couple of Sprints of our own together. He's leaning towards putting something together that looks like the above photo. I'm thinking finish my Black and Orange one with my homemade frame and put together my SS model as well. Now that the back of the shop is coming together I'll roll my SS out in the open and stick the tank and fenders back on it and put a box next to it to make sure I have the parts I need for it when I get around to working on it. Hopefully that won't be too far off in the future.

For the present I'm going to keep plugging away at getting the back of the shop like I want it. Probably only another week or so and I'll have the majority of things moved and functional. I might have to move things around a couple times to get the layout I want but I'll find out soon enough when I start working back there. Pretty excited about finally having a nice place for sheet metal work and blacksmithing if I so desire.

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