Sunday, October 11, 2015

All The King's Men

I started putting the shop back together - did a little painting on the walls and then made a stand for the sandblaster. It was sitting on the big wooden "school shop" table but that wasn't a very efficient use of the table. 

I'm working on changing the base around a bit on the big table. I previously had the two base units back to back under the table but now the bases will be side by side with the openings to the front. They're wider than the table in that configuration so I shortened up one of them by eight inches. A cutting  disc on the small grinder made pretty quick work of it. I still need to weld the end back on it - maybe do that today. Either drag it up front and TIG weld it or leave it where it sits and gas weld it. When I get that done I'll put a ledger board on the wall to support the back of the table top. Plan on putting some shelves inside the bases at a later date.

When I get that job finished I'll tackle putting wheels and casters under the band saw. I picked up a piece of shafting for the wheels yesterday. I'll get the holes drilled for the Cotter pins, cut the pieces to length and then weld them into a piece of square tubing. That will get welded to one end of the saw. I'll put a couple of plates under the other end for the swivel casters. Shouldn't take too long for that . I've already got the woodburner and forge back in place. I should be up and running just in time for the cold weather to close in. I think I'm going to roll a couple of the cycles into the back and put the VW up front with the 900. Don't know how much progress I'll make on the VW but I want the 900 to be pretty close to being finished by spring time. Also, by moving the Bug I'll be able to park the new car inside the barn. That'll be a good thing. Don't want my Ironman Silver paint to fade.

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