Friday, October 30, 2015

Peaks and Valleys

Things have been going pretty good on the home front lately. Made a clutch tool for the 900:

Surly set the extra Sportster seat I have on the back of the Sprint and I like the look. I think I'm going to run with it. I've got the stock seat but it needs to be recovered but even if that wasn't the case, I think I like the Sporty seat a bit better. I'm planning on swapping out the handlebars as well. The stock bars on the SS are rubber mounted and a little higher than I prefer. Even when things were new the give from the rubber mounting was a little disconcerting. Might have kept the vibration down but I prefer a little more of a direct connection to the bike. Looks like this Sprint got pushed up a little closer to the front of the project line but that's OK. As long as the line isn't getting any longer I'm good.

I bought a couple of taillights for my old Plymouth. I'm planning on frenching those in so I need some buckets for them to set into. I made a little pattern of the bottom of the bucket the other day thinking these would be something I could work on when I had a little down time in the shop or the lab at school. Realistically, I should have just bought a pair of buckets at the same time I bought the lights but once a maker, always a maker.

So there's a little progress on three different projects. That's the high point. The low point is my buddy Jimmy from the boxing gym had a terrible fall the other day. He's banged up pretty bad. Had one surgery already and more on the way. I haven't talked to him yet but I'll see whatever I can do to help out. I can help run the gym a couple of days per week until he gets back on his feet. Might cut into my project time a bit but this is why a guy has friends. Nobody needs help on the sunny days. You need to be there when it's raining.

Photo by Surly
Get well Pal.


Surly said...

Rather than a CNC mill you need a machine to cut out sheet metal shapes like that tail light pattern. CNC plasma or laser or waterjet or something. I'd bet you'd use it more.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Even a hand held plasma would be a nice addition. I doubt seriously I could justify a waterjet but they do make small CNC plasma machines now at a reasonable price. I'll have to sit down and put a "toy & travel" budget together one of these days.