Monday, October 5, 2015

School Days

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That's a cool little rig. Looks like it would be a fun one.

Did the school tours the other day. Wasn't high schoolers, it was middle school kids. Usually that would be even worse but they were all very well behaved. Other than blowing the better part of a day, mostly painless. I do have to finish the Blackboard training for the college. Blackboard is the grading system/interface with the students we use. I took the first part, which is an assessment of my learning style - why I needed to do that is beyond me - and at the end I was supposed to e-mail it to someone. The only problem is that someone didn't post the address anywhere I could find. So I have to do that over again. The other sessions have tests that have to be passed with 90% correct or you have to do it over again and you only get two chances. The training was designed for a workshop with a Power Point handout. I tried just whistling through the first session but failed miserably. I printed out the Power Point to guide me through the second attempt and that worked much better. I've still got one more session to finish up but I need to print out some more info before attempting to complete it. I've got a busy week planned but I'm going to try and finish up this week. Need to get that monkey off my back.

Got the concrete scheduled to pour this week. Be good to get that done and the back part of the shop back together again. Need to give a little thought to the organization of things as well as what to leave out. Definitely can toss a few things. Having concrete will allow me to finally have things set up the way I want. That'll be nice.

I've got a couple more things I want to finish up before the cold weather sets in. If I'm going to be teaching and taking classes next spring, I'd like to clear the docket a bit. Need to have things well in hand to keep the stress level down. I don't need to start overloading myself again. 

Have a good week. 

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