Thursday, October 8, 2015


I received an e-mail on my work account of a new book that's available from Industrial Press, Machining for Hobbyists. Looks interesting. If you were setting up a home shop, might be worth the investment.

And on the subject of setting up a home shop, I got the concrete poured in the back of the shop the other day. The pour went pretty well. We had to bring the concrete in through the service door so most of the concrete had to be moved by shovel and rake. My two helpers worked their asses off with the come-a-longs/rakes and I worked the scoop shovel. Took us about an hour to make the pour and screed it off. Then came the wait for it to set up to finish. I put plastic down for a vapor barrier so I expected it to slow the drying process but I didn't expect to be out there after the sun went down. Looks good now though. I'm going to start on putting things back by making a stand for the sandblaster, putting some wheels/casters under my bandsaw and splashing a coat of white paint on the walls to brighten it up a bit.  While I'm doing that the concrete will have a couple more days to set up. Going to be a big step forward.

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