Monday, October 26, 2015

Those Who Wait

Lost the Link
I'm still puttzin' around on doing a little bit of this and a whole lot of that. I sat down the other evening and made a list of all the jobs/projects I have or need to do. Holy Smokes! The list is about a mile long and I didn't even get to half the motorcycles. Plus I've got some ideas that are spinning around in my mind I'd like to tackle some day that didn't make the list either. Some of the things on the list are little items that won't take long but some of them are big. And every time I think I can knock a job off the list, something else comes along to take it's place. For example, I fixed the hobby horse the other day so it can go to a new home. I needed to drill some holes in a wooden dowel, both through holes and pilot holes in the end. I took it out to the shop and drilled the holes in the end with the lathe so they would be on center and drilled the through holes in a vee block on the drill press. Not a big deal except I was using a nice brad point bit and I didn't want to drill into the steel vee block so I stopped short of coming all the way through. If I had a wooden vee block, no problem. So one of those got added to the project list. Not much of a project, just a couple of passes through the table saw but it's one more thing to do.

My sister-in-law's husband passed away a few years back and she's finally cleaning out the rest of his stuff. She sent me a big box of books and back issues of Home Shop Machinist along with a model airplane. Didn't really need all of it but I did find a couple of projects in the magazines I'm planning on making. (See how that works? That's why the list never gets any shorter.) I also need to pick up a current copy of the magazine and see what's available in the table top CNC milling department. I'd like to have a CNC machine but I'm not interested in spending big bucks. If I did I'd have to find work for it and then I'd be working all the time for other people and the list would never get any shorter. At least I've learned my lesson there.

I got a bunch done outside over the weekend. I've still got a little more to do in the garden and a couple of house things but pretty much set for winter. Since I've got most of the shop back in shape I'll be back on the 900 and the VW this week. Looking forward to that. I want to make a muffler for the Sprint like the Conti on my Ducati. I was thinking of making a hammer form but I might try my hand at spinning the end cone. I've never done any metal spinning before but I've wanted to try it for a long time. Now's as good a time as any I suppose, but now I'm back to having to learn a trade, get tooled up and practice just to make one part. What the hell. I'll never get all those jobs done any how. Might as well have some fun. 

Dorkpunch is looking for a little help with his program out there in Idaho. If you want to make a difference in this world, it all starts with education. Turn loose of a couple of bucks and help a fellow shop teacher out. He does good work. Here's the link:

Thanks and have a good week.

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