Friday, March 3, 2017

Craftsmanship & Clever Ideas

Surly sent me a link to this build. This dude's a fabricator. There's a step by step sequence of the build at the link. Check it out.

Saw this one over at Noot's. This is the way it used to be done. There's another photo of the backside of the drum at his site. Beautiful work. 

And from the why didn't I think of this file, the cansporter. This goes into your receiver hitch so you can transport your garbage can without a hassle. I park my truck where there's about an 18" drop off from the level of the yard, so yanking it up into the back of the truck isn't too tough but I still have to drag it out when I get to the other end of the lane. It's a bit hard on the back if the can's loaded up heavy. One of these things would make it a lot easier. With shipping it's about $200. Might be worth the investment.

Custom fabrication on motorcycles and garbage can transporters. Good old Yankee ingenuity and craftsmanship - just two of the things that make America great.

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