Friday, March 10, 2017

Street Rod


Saw this in the Cycle World weekly e-mail - new HD 750 Street Rod. Looks cool, priced at $8,699.00. It's got a few more ponies than the regular Street, as well as lots of other chassis improvements. I like it. Now that the Sportster has left the building, I've got room. 


Surly said...

You might want to wait a minute on that one and see what Indian comes up with.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Now that they're back in the racing business, no reason they wouldn't bring something similar to the street. I really don't need a new bike but if I'm going to get one, getting it while I'm still working makes sense - at least to me. I'll see what the bike mags have to say about the new HD and check one out at the dealership when they get one in. Maybe it won't do anything for me after I see it in person.