Saturday, March 25, 2017


I went to Indy on Thursday. The Speedway Museum had a special exhibit on cars made in Indiana that I wanted to see. The car in the top photo is a replica of the Stutz Black Hawk that Frank Lockhart was killed in while attempting to set a land speed record. The car usually resides in the Stutz building downtown, in fact you might remember me previously posting about it. There was a good collection of various manufacturers on display: Studebaker, Auburn, Cord, Marmon, Apperson, etc. There were a couple of homegrown race cars on display along with the production models as well.

The bottom photo is the Watson roadster driven to victory at the 500 by A. J. Foyt. Beautiful car, exhibited just as it was when it finished racing. I bought a book on this car while I was there. I haven't had a chance to look through it yet but from looking at the inspection copy in the gift shop, should be right up my alley.

After leaving the Speedway Museum I headed downtown to the Armory where the Golden Gloves are held. I stopped by the bike shop on 16th Street as long as I was going by there. I got a chance to look over the Triumph Street Cup and the new Bonneville. I like the looks of both of them. Quite different in looks, but they both speak to me.

After parking at the Armory, I walked back to the Circle and strolled around a bit. I did a bit of race walking the day before and I was a little stiff, so I figured some regular walking would loosen me up. Plus, it was a really nice day to be out. Downtown Indy's a nice looking city. The photo above is the Scottish Rite Cathedral. It's quite the impressive building. It's even more magnificent at night when it's all lit up. We always go right by it when the fights are over. I'd like to get a decent photo of it some night.

The book is from the free library project downtown. They have a couple of spots where you can pick and take a book or drop one off for others to read. The book is Lost Horizon. I've seen the 1937 movie starring Ronald Colman on TCM. The book must have been quite popular when it came out because the copy I picked up was the 17th printing, also from 1937, the 1st being in 1934. I started reading it and so far, so good.

We had two fighters scheduled to compete that evening. One guy got a walkover when his opponent didn't show up and the other guy got a decision. So not a bad day. Cars, motorcycles, architecture, literature, boxing and some really good sweet potato casserole at a BBQ joint downtown. 

Yesterday was a dandy as well. Temperatures were a record high 82. I worked in the shop a bit, drilling the holes in Cuzzin Ricky's plate for his trailer and a couple of other little things. The weather's supposed to go in the toilet again for a couple of days with cooler temps and rain but nothing below freezing at least. Warm enough to work in the shop. That's all I need.

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