Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tough Guys

Nothing much going on here - managed to catch a cold. Only about a 5 out of 10 on the misery scale but enough to keep me in the recliner catching up on my reading for a couple of days and the tissue manufacturers working overtime. I always like it when one nostril runs like a fountain and the other one is plugged up almost solid. It did let just enough air through that if I sniffed real hard it honked like a goose. The dog seemed to find that interesting. So there's the silver lining, I guess.

However, I did have a thought after watching a rerun of Walker, Texas Ranger dealing with the homeless and after seeing a few street people the other day in Indy.

There's been all kinds of press and buzz about prepping for some type of disaster coming our way - even a television series about it. People have cellars stocked with food, maybe a remote bug-out location, guns and ammo but how tough do you have to be to live on the streets? How will the grid going down affect you if you're living in a cardboard box already? Especially with the weather we have here in the Mid-West. Think you could get along if everything you owned was in a shopping cart you pushed around while dumpster diving or looking for a free meal? If/when the SHTF scenario comes to pass, we all might want to take a good hard look at how the street people manage to get by. Obviously they have problems, but they also have to be pretty damn resilient to keep it going day after day. Grid down or economic collapse will probably just be another day to them.

Just a little something to think about. And while you're thinking about it, maybe toss a couple of bucks into the shaker cup next time you walk by one of them or support a church or mission that's helping them out. Circumstances change. That could be any one of us some day - if we're tough enough.

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