Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tough Guy

A former student of mine from my high school days posted this and a few additional photos on Facebook the other day. This is a photo I took when we used to train at the high school before we opened up the gym - probably close to 15 years ago. I always liked the photo because he looked so relaxed - he fought that way to. Always under control. He showed up for his first Golden Gloves appearance and he was wearing a black top and black trunks. After stepping into the ring, the ref had me put a band of athletic tape around his waist so the judges could see the belt line. I got about half way around and the ref commented that I might need another roll of tape! He fought as a Superheavy, needless to say. One of many Golden Glove champions Jimmy and I have had the pleasure to be associated with.

Both teaching and coaching can be very rewarding - can be a royal pain in the ass also, however. I'll probably continue to do some coaching in the future but I've made up my mind that my teaching days will be over at the end of the calendar year. I'm not all that impressed with Facebook but it's nice to see that many of my former students have turned out so well. With a lot of them, judging by what they were doing in high school, it could've gone either way. 

For all my fellow teachers and coaches out there, keep up the good work. Even if we get slapped around in the press and by the politicians, the students know and appreciate our efforts.  

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