Monday, February 27, 2017

Sickle Stuff

Found the top two here - bottom one here. Top two just cuz. Bottom one because I find myself attracted to it both in concept and execution. However, not having seen or ridden one, might be that it doesn't measure up at all. 

My wife and I both drive small cars with small engines. Both cars will get up and go when called upon. Nothing at all like the small cars of the sixties we both were familiar with back then. If a new small car is night and day different than the old one, wouldn't the same hold true for a motorcycle? The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a 411cc single adventure style bike. Seems like it would be a nice practical size for an all weather commuter or a bike you really wanted to take on an adventure. Stay off the four lanes and see the country. I've never undertaken a long distance motorbike tour. The longest was with the sidecar rig from northwest Indiana to eastern Kentucky years ago. I've done several 500 mile bicycle tours. Seems like chugging along on a small motorcycle would be substantially easier but every bit as much fun. I could get everything I need strapped on and keep the weight under 50 lbs. Been giving that a lot of thought of late. I need to scratch that travel itch. 

Also, I got my Motorcyclist magazine the other day. They said they were going to make some changes and boy did they ever. Motorcyclist and Cycle World are both owned by the same company and it became real obvious that was the case if you subscribe to both magazines like I do. Motorcyclist has gone to six issues per year, rather than monthly and the layout as well as the type of content has changed dramatically as well. I haven't read all the way through it yet but I'm liking what I've seen just leafing through it. It's a lot more than just road tests and feature columns - more motorcycle lifestyle, and I mean that in a good way. Like for guys who have been involved with motorcycles their whole life and have wide ranging interests in the sport. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out. You'll be surprised. 

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