Monday, February 13, 2017

Fender Skirt

I got the fender skirt cut out and fit up for the sidecar rig and started on making some brackets for Dzus fasteners to hold it in place along the bottom edge. I'm going to rivet the skirt to the fender along the flanged edge around the perimeter. I've got enough brackets and springs to complete the job but I need the actual Dzus fasteners like I'm planning on running. I've got plenty of the ones with the wing type head but only a couple of the ones with the slotted heads - might be able to get those locally. I'll check and see what's available in town. 

Got the mid-term exams graded and posted over the weekend as well as stepping out Saturday night to catch Surly's band play at a bar not too far from here. Music was good but the smoke was terrible. The band didn't seem quite as loud as the jukebox that was blasting when I went in but I was glad I took some earplugs along. I don't know why anyone would continue to smoke in this day and age between the health effects and the cost. I also can't see the attraction of having to yell to your friends across the table to carry on a conversation. I've had a career of that in welding shops. I'm more inclined to go somewhere where you can have a nice quiet conversation. Loud and smoky must sell more beer. 

Going to try and get a little more done on the sidecar rig this week as well as get the rest of the tax documents sorted so I can go see the tax lady. Every day now we've got more daylight and I know we're closer to spring, regardless what the weather's doing outside. Won't be too much longer and things will be starting to green up and bud out.

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